Project: Electron beam welding machine 15E1000

These machines are specially designed and manufactured for high precision and accurate welding jobs to be performed on high value components. The materials of the components are high temperature alloy, stainless steel, Ti-alloy, Aluminum and Al-alloy, Copper and Copper alloy. The installation includes an electron beam gun, a vacuum welding chamber, a manipulator platform, a door mechanism, a CNC control system, and consumables. Developed for the RPC TETA Ltd., Tomsk.

Development time: from 06/21/2018 to 01/16/2019.


  • Supply voltage 380 V;
  • Beam power 15 kW;
  • Operating vacuum 5⋅10-2 Pa; ultimate 5⋅10-3 Pa;
  • Weight 8000 kg;
  • Welding chamber internal dimensions: 3.1×1.5×1.2 m;
  • Dimensions: 5.8×2.6×4.9 m.