Project: Isostatic press

An isostatic press, or gasostatic extruder, uses liquids or gases to create isostatic (equal in all directions) pressure. Hot isostatic pressing (HIP) and cold isostatic pressing (CIP) are used in powder metallurgy, graphite or Teflon products, and to increase the density of ceramic materials. In addition, CIP in a liquid medium is a method for sterilizing food products. High hydrostatic pressure destroys bacteria and pathogens without disrupting the food structure. Designed for RPC TETA Ltd., Tomsk.

Development time: from 11/09/2020 to 01/30/2021.


  • Design pressure in the chamber: 7000 atm (709 MPa);
  • Weight 1800 kg;
  • Dimensions: height 1115 mm, width 1536 mm, depth 870 mm.