3D printing is a method of making three-dimensional products based on digital models. Regardless of the specific technology, the essence of the process is the gradual layer-by-layer reproduction of objects. Other names for 3D printing are rapid prototyping or additive manufacturing.

SID Group offers layout and 3D printing services. We have the following technologies available:

DLP (photopolymer resin printing). Size: up to 165×130×73 mm. Projector resolution: 2560×1440.

FDM/FFF (layer-by-layer deposition). Size: up to 325×325×350 mm. Layer thickness: 0.05-0.35mm. Filament types: PLA, ABS, TPU, PVC, PETG, HIPS, PA, PC, NYLON.

How to order 3D printing from us:

  1. Contact us by phone +79618887717 (call, WhatsApp) or e-mail:
  2. You need to send a model (file) for printing. Preferable formats: STL, OBJ or AMF.
  3. In the absence of ready-made model, modeling according to your sketch is possible – as an additional service.
  4. The cost and estimated time of printing are determined after evaluation of the received model. The price will depend on the volume and type of material.
  5. We will inform you when the printing is completed.
  6. The printed model can be picked up after payment.